Common Questions about Dental Lasers

Common Questions about Dental Lasers

The introduction of lasers to the field of dentistry has improved how many treatments and procedures are performed. The dentists at Dental Professionals of Jersey City use this lasers in their practice, allowing their patients to benefit from a rounded out treatment process. While lasers are more common than patients realize, many are still unfamiliar with how these advanced instruments affect their dental treatments.

What is a Dental Laser?

A dental laser is a hand-held instrument that uses a concentrated beam of light to rid the teeth and gums of infection or decay. The process provides more precision and accuracy, while also enhancing comfort during procedures and the healing process afterward. Additionally, the laser can perform other beneficial functions such as sterilizing the affected area and eliminates the need for sutures.

Our dentist is certified to perform laser dentistry services for our patients wanting to take a more thorough approach to their oral health.

What Procedures Can be Performed with Lasers?

Dr. Paul Lustiger and Dr. Soolim Lee use the Picasso® diode laser for added power, control, and flexibility during your treatment. This tool allows our office to perform a variety of procedures such as crown lengthening, troughing, and gum recontouring.

Additionally, the Picasso laser can be used to provide precision to other soft tissue procedures. Those in need of a gingivectomy because of advanced gum disease can have the troubled tissue safely removed. Newborns and younger children benefit from efficient frenectomies, addressing tongue and lip-ties and protecting their dental development.

Is Laser Treatment Comfortable?

The laser dentistry process limits the amount of heat and vibration associated with most dental procedures. It’s these factors that tend to cause patients the most pain and discomfort during a treatment. This also contributes to a longer recovery time than most patients are willing to undergo. By avoiding as much heat and vibration as possible, the Picasso laser reduces that recovery time while also giving your dentist the opportunity to perform your procedure comfortably.

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Whether laser dentistry is used to restore function, improve aesthetics, or provide relief from discomfort, our dentists make sure to explain how the laser replaces traditional equipment used to conduct your procedure, leaving you confident with the process.

Dr. Lustiger, Dr. Lee, and our team at Dental Professionals of Jersey City have the training and experience to answer whatever questions you may have about laser dentistry in Jersey City, f Downtown, Exchange Place, and Harborside. Call our office today to set up an appointment.

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