How the Smile’s Health Affects your General Wellbeing

Overall physical wellness is dependent on the health of the individual systems throughout the body. The smile, as a gateway to the body, has a significant impact on physiological stability, making dental care all the more important. Daily hygiene, dental visits, diet, and habits are part of this supportive process. 

Dental Professionals of Jersey City offer this guide on the systemic-oral connection: 

Periodontal Disease and Other Illnesses

The smile requires daily hygiene practices to stay clean; brushing and flossing eliminate food particles that fuel the spread of harmful bacteria. These bacteria, if left untouched, eat away at tooth enamel, create pockets that become cavities, and leave behind an acidic film that yellows teeth surfaces. Given enough time, they will move below the gum line and damage the supporting structures there. The area where a tooth root meets the bone is especially sensitive and is an access point to the bloodstream. Periodontal bacteria can flow through the body and have been found, through research, to increase the risk for the following health concerns:

• Heart Disease and Blood Clots
• Blood Sugar Management 
• Pregnancy Issues

These bacteria can impact the body’s ability to clean the blood, allowing the buildup of debris that can restrict its flow, which is a dangerous issue for those with existing heart conditions. Efficient blood sugar processing can be impacted as well, adding to the difficulties of maintaining stable levels. Although this is especially harmful to diabetics, blood sugar regulation can be an issue for many individuals, requiring intervention to avoid severe health problems. For expecting mothers, it is crucial to maintain good oral health as they are more susceptible to periodontal disease. If this condition progresses, studies show it can cause premature birth or developmental issues. 

What’s My Role in Preventing Complications?

Being mindful of your general well-being is the first step to take. Choosing a better diet, maintaining daily brushing and flossing habits, and visiting your dentist goes a long way in supporting oral health. The benefits of taking care of your smile include brighter, stronger teeth, and an improved lifestyle that can extend to the rest of your body. 

For Total Wellness through Excellent Dental Care, Call Dr. Lustiger and Dr. Lee

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