Veneers Easily Correct a Wide Range of Smile Flaws

Dr. Paul Lustiger of Dental Professionals of Jersey City, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, has helped countless patients s

You may have never had the smile you desire, or perhaps changes have to lessen the luster of your pearly whites. Either way, dental veneers can work magic. Dr. Paul Lustiger of Dental Professionals of Jersey City, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, has helped countless patients smile again, thanks to the magic of veneers. 

This versatile dental treatment conceals imperfections by attaching thin porcelain or resin composite shells to the visible portion of your tooth. Veneers can be applied to a single tooth or several teeth. 

They deliver a comfortable fit and natural look because they’re custom-made to match the contour and color of your natural teeth. Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures, attaching a veneer requires removal of the tiniest amount of tooth enamel so that the veneer lies flush with your neighboring teeth. Following this step, the veneer is bonded in place, then polished to perfection.

If you’re in the greater Jersey City area, Dr. Lustiger can use veneers to correct these common smile flaws.

1. Staining or discoloration

One of the quickest ways to enhance your smile is teeth whitening. However, this technique can’t correct all types of discoloration. If you have staining on the inside of your tooth, due to a root canal, for example, only a veneer can conceal it by easily covering it up.

2. Gaps 

Plagued by unflattering gaps in your teeth? You don’t have to endure years of orthodonture work to correct them. Veneers can hide unwanted spaces in your mouth in just one or two office visits.

3. Cracks and chips

A chip, break, or crack isn’t only unattractive, it can also render your teeth vulnerable to decay. And when it’s one of your front teeth, it can sabotage your entire smile. Veneers not only restore your tooth’s appearance but add protection. 

4. Uneven, misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth

Whether your tooth is too small or merely oddly shaped, a veneer can easily such in perfections.

5. Damaged enamel

The protective coating of enamel on your teeth may be strong, but it’s not indestructible. If your enamel becomes worn down from highly acidic foods or drinks, stomach acid, or overzealous brushing, we can protect your teeth from additional damage with porcelain veneers.

6. Gummy smiles

Do you feel like you have more gum than tooth showing when you smile? Veneers can correct a gummy smile by lengthening the appearance and shape of your teeth to create a more proportioned look.

Interested in learning if veneers can improve your smile and protect your teeth? Call us Dr. Lustiger at Dental Professionals of Jersey City, or schedule an appointment online today.


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