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Laser Dentistry Specialist

Laser dentistry is revolutionizing the patient experience, but very few dental surgeries have invested in this state-of-the-art technology up til now. Paul Lustiger, DDS, Alexander Hahn, DMD, and the expert team at Dental Professionals of Jersey City is delighted to be able to offer their patients a comprehensive range of laser dentistry treatments, so call the Jersey City, New Jersey, clinic today or book an appointment online.

Laser Dentistry

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a relatively new way to perform dental procedures with great precision. Laser dental technology isn’t widespread as of yet, but the expert team at Dental Professionals of Jersey City is pleased to be able to offer laser dentistry services to their patients.

In the hands of the trained expert practitioners at Dental Professionals of Jersey City, laser dentistry provides optimal safety and comfort for patients.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Despite the wide variety of available options, laser dentistry has significant advantages over other methods, including:

  • Soft tissues treated with dental lasers may not need stitching
  • Some procedures don’t require any anesthetic
  • Lasers promote blood clotting, resulting in minimal bleeding
  • Lasers sterilize the treatment area, reducing the risk of infection
  • There’s less risk of damage to surrounding tissues
  • Wound healing is faster
  • Lasers promote tissue regeneration

Lasers are designed to perform specific procedures, either on soft tissues like the gums or hard tissues like tooth and bone.

What procedures are suitable for laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is ideal for early detection of cavities in the teeth, as the technology can detect by-products of tooth decay. Lasers can then prepare teeth for fillings and carry out the initial filling process, meaning you might not need to have an anesthetic or any drilling in your teeth.

Lasers can also seal the tubules at the roots of the teeth that cause sensitivity to hot and cold, and they are invaluable in reshaping gum tissue to correct problems such as a gummy smile, or for crown lengthening.

Babies who have limited tongue movement that restricts their ability to breastfeed, and children who have a tight frenulum that causes speech impediments can have their problems treated very effectively using laser dentistry.

It can also remove soft tissue folds that develop because of ill-fitting dentures. Other possible uses for laser technology in dentistry include:

  • Optical coherence tomography to view the inside of teeth and gums
  • Painless removal of benign tumors from gums, palate, cheeks, and lips
  • Reducing pain and minimizing healing time for patients who have cold sores
  • Photobiomodulation to regenerate damaged nerves and blood vessels
  • Laser-assisted uvuloplasty (LAUP) procedure for sleep apnea
  • Speeding up the teeth-whitening process
  • Reducing pain and inflammation in patients with TMJ

To find out more about the benefits of laser dentistry and how you can take advantage of them, call Dental Professionals of Jersey City today, or book an appointment online.

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    The office is modern, the staff is super friendly and Dr. Lustiger is by far one of the most talented Dentist I've come across. Relatively painless. Amazing.

    - CARLOS R.

    The best dental office I have ever been too. I have extreme dental anxiety these guys rock.

    - MIKE S.

    I have two fillings fixed and have been pain free and intact for 5 years now and have had no cavities what so ever reported by Dr Lustiger.