Creating Uniform Smiles in Jersey City, NJ

Many people want to boost the appearance of their teeth but do not need to undergo extensive restorative care. By using veneers, Dr. Paul Lustiger can help clients look their best with minimal adjustment to their oral health. Dental Professionals of Jersey City offers porcelain veneers to patients near Exchange Point, Harborside, and Downtown Jersey City.

How Veneers Help You

A beautiful smile helps you feel positive in general. One of the more common cosmetic dental requests we receive is to develop a more consistent appearance in your smile. One or more of your teeth can look different than the rest if they develop internal staining, become slightly chipped, grow in at a mildly crooked angle, or are simply smaller than the rest. Internal staining cannot be treated by whitening treatments for the most part, and the structural differences will not warrant restorative care if they only affect a tooth’s appearance.

If you find yourself in this specific situation, our dentists in Jersey City can provide porcelain veneers.

Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are permanently added to teeth to create that more uniform appearance. The dimensions of these veneers make the treated tooth look larger and straighter, helping it fit in with the rest of the smile. Additionally, porcelain conceals internal teeth stains while making your teeth look naturally white.

Your Veneer Options

For most patients, Dr. Lustiger recommends daVinci® veneers to achieve their cosmetic dental goals. daVinci is a quality brand that has been used in dentistry for over 25 years. Dr. Lustiger uses daVinci because he trusts their proven track record for long-term, effective improvements to his patient’s smiles.

However, as with all brands of standard veneers, a tooth treated with daVinci requires significant preparation that cannot be reversed. In cases where a patient prefers as little preparation as possible, we can provide Lumineers® “prepless” veneers instead. While these prosthetics do not treat as broad a range of cosmetic preferences as daVinci, Lumineers can still improve your smile’s appearance with minimal impact.

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Dental Professionals of Jersey City provides porcelain veneers throughout Jersey City and the surrounding areas. Dr. Lustiger uses these thin ceramic shells to help you make your smile appear uniformly beautiful. For more information, call our practice and schedule an appointment today.

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