Dental Emergencies at Dental Professionals of Jersey City

Dental emergencies can happen at any moment, and our dentists, Paul Lustiger and Soolim Lee,  provide rapid relief to patients who may be experiencing discomfort due to accidental trauma or decay. If you have a knocked-out tooth or feel intense dental pain, contact our office immediately to be seen as soon as possible. Our dentists can be reached at any time at (201) 200-0500 and instruct you how to handle your dental emergency accordingly.

Treatment for Dental Emergencies in Jersey City

Our team’s priority is to improve our patients’ comfort as quickly as we can during your dental crisis. We deliver gentle care and pain relief for patients with loose or knocked out teeth and damaged restorations. If a dental emergency occurs, there are provisional steps you may take before meeting with our dentist.

Knocked-Out Tooth

When a tooth has been forced from its socket but remains intact, Dr. Lustiger and Dr. Lee may be able to reinsert it within one hour. To increase your chances of successful reattachment, our dentist advises you to do the following:

  1. Clean the detached tooth in lukewarm water, only handling it by its crown.

  2. Rinse the affected area thoroughly.

  3. If you can, place the tooth into its socket, otherwise store it in milk or saliva.

Dental Infections

Infections are typically accompanied by dental pain. If you are experiencing discomfort, schedule an appointment with our Jersey City practice right away. Dental infections can happen when severe decay or damage have gone untreated, or have received inadequate attention. An abscess must be treated quickly to minimize the decay to neighboring teeth and supporting jawbone. Depending on the complexity of a patient’s case, Dr. Lustiger and Dr. Lee perform root canals to remove the decayed sections of a tooth and restores its structures with a crown.

Damaged Teeth

A fractured or chipped tooth does not always mean dental emergency or require urgent care. Depending on the severity of your dental injury, we will decide whether to see you immediately or schedule you for the next day.

If your dental emergency happens during Dental Professional of Jersey City practice hours, we will see you right away to relieve discomfort and administer treatment. When dental trauma occurs after hours, you may still call our office to receive professional advice. You will also be given instructions or a prescription to provide some relief before receiving treatment. You can also place a cold compress on the injured area to reduce swelling and irritation.

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Dental Professionals of Jersey City immediately. Dr. Lustiger utilizes a gentle approach to administer treatment and provides quick pain relief for his patients in Downtown, Exchange Place, Harborside and throughout Jersey City.  


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