A beautiful and uniform smile is easily achieved through cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Whether you’re a teenager wanting the perfect smile for school photos, or you’re approaching middle age and finally want to take care of unsightly gaps, Invisalign® clear aligners offer an effective and convenient solution.

Dr. Paul Lustiger, Dr. Soolim Lee, and our dedicated staff at Dental Professionals of Jersey City enjoy seeing our patients benefit from wearing Invisalign clear braces in Jersey City. Call our office today if you have questions about this removable tooth straightening option.

Deciding on the Best Orthodontic Treatment

We provide our patients with comprehensive x-rays and impressions at each regular exam to understand the full scope of your oral health. When we notice anomalies in your smile’s uniformity, we discuss various options and develop a treatment plan that suits your smile goals. Unless your case involves more complicated skeletal issues, our doctors can provide effective treatment through Invisalign aligners.

We use an innovative program called ClinCheck® that uses computer animation to show a step-by-step process of how the smile will adjust throughout treatment. This software gives you an estimate of how long it will take correct teeth alignment with Invisalign, as well as what is involved in the process.

Guiding Your Course of Treatment

Once impressions are taken, and your Invisalign treatment is mapped out on ClinCheck®, the customized trays are manufactured to your exact specifications. Each set of trays are worn for two weeks, then replaced with a new set that further guide your teeth into the appropriate space.

We’ve helped patients with minor misalignment achieve their desired smile in as little as two months, but are also equipped to provide great results for more complicated cases of uneven teeth that may take up to two years to obtain comprehensive and permanent results.


Invisalign Clear Aligners for an Optimal Smile

The advantages of choosing Invisalign invisible braces are numerous, improving both oral health and aesthetics. There is the obvious visual appeal, in that they allow patients to be more confident in the appearance of their teeth. Since straighter teeth are easier to maintain, they benefit the health of your gums and the long-term function of your teeth. Of course, the most convenient aspect of treatment is that the trays are removable, allowing for easier brushing, flossing, and eating.

In addition to the original Invisalign clear aligners, we also have Invisalign Teen®, a product that provides extra space if your teenager’s primary teeth are still growing. This teenager-focused treatment plan also includes extra aligners, in case some are lost or damaged, and a tracking system that shows whether or not your teenager is wearing the aligners as often as they should. 

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