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One of the most common oral health concerns you could face is gum disease. To Dr. Paul Lustiger and Dr. Soolim Lee, our experienced dentists, it is important that we offer the highest quality of periodontal care available, including the use of advanced dental technology. Dental Professionals of Jersey City offer laser dentistry in Downtown, Exchange Place, Harborside, and throughout Jersey City.

Why Trust Dental Lasers?

The combination of dental lasers and established treatments offer several advantages over purely traditional options. 

One crucial advantage is the laser’s ability to sterilize the site of treatment. The combined approach is able to kill bacteria and remove calculus more efficiently than solely relying on manual implements. Another advantage of using dental lasers is that they encourage faster healing with a higher likelihood of long-term well-being. Laser dental care also tends to be more comfortable, so patients with poor previous experiences with periodontal treatment can be more relaxed. 

Available Laser Treatments

Our Jersey City dental practice utilizes a Picasso Lite® soft tissue laser, a product known for its versatile applications. As a result, Drs. Lustiger and Lee offer several specific types of quality gum treatment:


In order to add a prosthetic to your smile, like a crown or bridge, our dentist has to be able to take impressions of your teeth. This requires preparing the soft tissue surrounding the tooth. Dr. Lustiger and Dr. Lee use a laser to smooth the gums, improving the accuracy of the impressions they take.

Crown Lengthening

It is possible to have an overabundance of gum tissue, which makes your teeth look smaller than they should. Crown lengthening is a cosmetic procedure where the excess tissue is removed, creating a natural gum line and the appearance of full and healthy teeth.


On occasion, part of the gums can become too unhealthy to save; excision of the tissue is the only way to preserve the health of surrounding structures. A gingivectomy is the removal of the affected tissue, with the nearby areas sterilized by the laser.

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Our doctors provide laser dentistry throughout all of Jersey City. We are proud of our use of proven dental technologies that help you develop complete dental health. For more information about our high-tech and comprehensive approach to dentistry, call our practice and schedule your next dental appointment today!


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